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  Study Abroad / Higher Edu.

Higher Education It is not so much what is poured into the student but what is planted that really counts. Pursuing a higher education is one of the most important decisions a student needs to make in his or her career. It may be a defining moment ...

» Higher Education Opportunities
» University Requirements
» Ranking of Universities

  Admission Process

Admission Process This section is for students who wish to apply to a university themselves, without the help of a consultant. Here you can find the admission criteria and step by step instructions to get the admission in any university in USA, UK, Australia, Germany.

» Academic Requirements
» Calculating costs
» University Application Calendar

  Finance / Scholarships

Scholarships To get higher Education is expensive for international students. However, there are many options such as scholarships, loans, grants, and assistantships - available to help minimize expenses. Find here more detail about your finance.

» Financial Assistance
» How to find College Scholarships
» How to Apply for a Scholarship

  Application Documentation

Application Documentation University application process is a lengthy procedure that requires students to fill out many documents. Documents may differ, based on the department to which a student is applying. Therefore, it is very important to read the ....

» Application Components
» Recommendation Letters
» Affidavit and Letter of Sponsorships

  Visa Process Documentation

Student Visa Hundreds of thousands of students apply for student visas to go abroad for study from around the world. Recent changes in visa issuance policies and procedures have made it more difficult to get a visa in a timely manner.

» Student / Dependent Visas
» Documents Required for Student Visa
» Visa Interview Questions

  Student Life / Travelling

Student Life Throughout Europe, life is tough and busy. As you would have to do studies, job, shopping, cooking, washing, cleaning etc all by yourself. Few general points about life of students are mentioned in this section.

» Living and Life Style in Europe
» Traveling Abroad
» Accomodation for Students
  Latest news for students from UKBA

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